Evergreen Computer Club

Welcome to the Evergreen Seniors Computer Club website. Here we hope to post tutorials, useful links and other information on general computer, technology and Internet topics. This site used to be dedicated to Android devices and while the current content may reflect that, we hope to add more general computer/Internet topics as we go. You can leave comments on individual … Read more

February 2017

It was nice to see everyone’s eager faces today. We discussed Internet security at some length. Here’s a file with my notes on the topics we covered..including links to any software(programs) that were mentioned. Click for Notes on Security

At next month’s meeting on the third Monday of March(the 20th) we’ll be discussing backups. Everyone is welcome.

As always if … Read more

First Fall Get Together for 2016

It was nice to see everyone today, a few new faces and some familiar ones too. Today instead of a lecture style session based on a single topic, I tried more of an informal approach. Perhaps you could let me know which format you prefer before next months get together. Also, if you have anything you’d like to cover next … Read more

First Post!

Welcome to the Evergreen Seniors Android Club website first blog post. On this blog portion of our website, we plan to answer questions that may have been asked at our monthly get togethers, as well as tutorials now and again and any other useful information, primarily about Android tablets, but with some general computer and Internet topics thrown in too. … Read more